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Good Guard security empowers small businesses with on-site protection, quick response, and proactive security presence for enhanced safety and confidence.



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We Help Secure
Equipment and Employees 

Good Guard security services creates a secure environment that promotes productivity and peace of mind for all stakeholders.


Secure Equipment

We ensure secure equipment through rigorous vetting of suppliers, conducting thorough risk assessments, and authentication protocols to safeguard against unauthorized access.


Improve Worker Safety

We enhance safety through training, adherence to guidelines, and easy PPE access, fostering awareness and proactive risk mitigation for workers.

Industry Secure


Manage Employee Access

We implements strict access controls, utilizing role-based permissions, and regularly reviewing and updating employee access privileges to maintain data integrity.


Professional Security Services

We pride ourselves on being a premier armed security service provider, offering trained guards for businesses and properties across the State of Indiana .

We provide professional unarmed security services across the State of Indiana, ensuring safety and peace of mind for all.

Our parking control service ensures secure and efficient parking management for both residential and business needs across the state of Indiana.

Our crowd control service, staffed with trained guards, ensures effective corporate and event security across the State of Indiana.

Our Vehicle Patrol service, staffed with trained guards, ensures effective corporate and event security across the State of Indiana.

Through vigilant surveillance, including CCTV monitoring and round-the-clock alertness, we ensure an uncompromising shield for your assets. 

You Can Trust Us

Our clients trust us due to our consistent delivery of effective results, personable approach, and expert knowledge.

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At Good Guard Security, we have earned the unwavering trust of our clients through a steadfast commitment to reliability, ensuring their peace of mind every step of the way. Our commitment to staying on budget demonstrates our respect for our clients' financial needs, offering top-tier security solutions without compromising their financial stability.

We have Customized services for your unique security needs.

We provide licensed, insured professionals ensuring comprehensive protection.

On time every time, safeguarding your premises diligently.

24/7 responsive support ensures your peace of mind at all times.

What We do

Services Areas

We are honored to offer our comprehensive security services throughout the state of Indiana. Our robust capabilities ensure that we have the personnel required to protect every area within the state.

Asked Questions

  • How Much Does a Security Guard Cost?
    We have the best affordable service cost. Our pricing is determined by a variety of criteria, including but not limited to How many security guards do you require? How long will you require the guards? Do you need armed or unarmed security? Call or message us right away for exact pricing based on your requirements.
  • Do I Need to Sign a Long-Term Contract?
    No. We provide pay-as-you-go security guards and short-term and long-term contracts as needed. If you work in a high-risk industry, deal with sensitive values, want to manage access and security, or have a work environment with a high risk of danger, a contracted Good Guard Security is likely the best solution for you. For further information, reach out to us.
  • Why Should You Hire from Good Guard Security?
    We understand that you have various options when it comes to selecting a company to manage your security and protection. Good Guard Security, on the other hand. We are the best business for all of your security and bodyguard needs. At Good Guard, we offer the most affordable costs in the business while providing the best security services in indiana. Many companies prefer us because of our competitive pricing. We are also a national company with over 600 unique sites across the country. This implies that we may cooperate with you and provide our services regardless of your location.
  • Are you certified and insured?
    Our security guards are covered by professional and general liability insurance, as well as coverage for crime, assault, battery, client property, and a variety of other scenarios. Good Guard Indiana is a company with all our employed guards licensed and insured. This means you can be confident that our firm is experienced and can legally manage any issue you may require.
  • What Are the Responsibilities of a Guard?
    Our security guards in Indiana are also trained to respond to these situations, providing support, protection, or calling for help. Our security guards perform their duties effectively. They frequently involve other company-specific commitment that is required. We are well-trained and eager to help. Our security guards in Indiana keep any scenario under control and in order, regardless of size or activity. For additional information, contact us right away.
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